A downloadable game for Windows

This place is draining...
Help our protagonist escape from the weird spinning copies of themself! Don't let them get too close though... If they get near 3 times, you're toast!

This is our first jam with Unreal Engine, and we learned a lot! Look for the green orb, which will transport you instantly to the Game Over screen... Oops. But that's how you know you won! :D 

Hold the escape key for 5 solid seconds (it's long) in order to exit the game.  

LMB punches, but that doesn't do anything yet.  

This jam entry is expecting a lot of updates over the next week, so for best results download with the itch.io app and apply patches! 

God speed.


gigamadness-windows-64.zip 231 MB
Version 2 Jul 25, 2022

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